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Sun Wukong (RWBY) genderbend :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 29 1 Maia Morwen (Pathfinder Character) :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 0 0 Endeavor :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 1 1 Please Keep Off :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 0 0 Autumn Bridge :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 1 0 Alpine Morning :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 0 0 Indian Paintbrush :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 2 0 Pond of Eldorado :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 2 1 Somewhere above Mexico :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 2 0 Harbinger :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 0 0 Startled Skies :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 2 0 Odd Fog :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 2 0 peace :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 3 0 White Cherry Blossom :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 2 0 Purple Primula :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 0 0 Lockheart :iconravenmocs:ravenmocs 0 0


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coming up next in the RPG character hall of fame: the fastest, peg-legged, gun-slinging, trash-talking, ale-chuggin, exhibitionist, pyro-pirate dwarf; master of the bilge, collector of hats and hater of sharks: Ürbek

Sun Wukong (RWBY) genderbend
This is actually a pathfinder character concept I had which is why the bo staff is made to look a little more like a normal stick and some other features are not present, like the shoes and the arm braces. This is also my first attempt at making a more comic book style with a mix of my manga style.
One of my very first attempts at working with fine liners, my mix of a more realistic anime with comic book shading and i am loving it!
This was a loose gender-bend of Sun Wukong from RWBY, and I loved the idea so much i made her my next pathfinder character.
Maia Morwen (Pathfinder Character)
                                                                        Tell me; do you believe in Ghost stories?
     Legend tells that in order to be freed from darkness, one must be born of it. One will rise up to free her people from oppression, one who is shaped by that very darkness.

My name is Maia "Morwen". I am a 17 year old (I think) Halfling. I am a shaman of darkness, alongside my friend Tumour the raccoon (because he grows on you).

    My people were once a thriving northern tribe but were taken into a slavery near a port town. I was born in the time of slavery along with my twin sister Lena. We were much like night and day; I was born with dark skin and dark hair, and Lena was born with pale skin and bright hair compared to a normal Halfling, but we were inseparable nonetheless. 

    Clearly seeing that I was growing as the one the legend spoke of, my parents treated Lena like she didn't even exist and like I was the golden child. The tribe made haste to put the ritual tattoos on my body and soon after, a spirit of darkness joined me. I could feel the chilly touch of the darkness hugging me, and they said my eyes became like the night. I didn't want Lena to feel left out so I helped her do the same. She was manifested by a spirit of life. Her eyes and hair shined brighter than they had ever before. Together we could free our people from oppression. That very night, the wardens had an onslaught throughout the camp. My parents told me to hide, so I ran. Lena led me to the fence where we dug a hole to escape. I went through first, but Lena was pulled away before she could escape and was beheaded.

I saw every slow second as my twin was taken from me. I was a failure to my people who were dying and lied on my hands and knees before my sister's head. I remember staring for a while, but I couldn't do anything but laugh. I felt the darkness consume me and it felt good. But it was not long before I realized what happened and started to cry.

    And, suddenly, I awoke in an cold and dim room in a Hobbit hole with Tumour beside me. My memories are all too real but I am unaware of how I got here or what was real. I am known as Morwen (or darkness lady) to the outside world for obvious reasons. After hearing my story most of them think I am crazy, but I need to believe that I am not, for my people and my dead sister. And now, I wander aimlessly trying to find the slave camp I once called home to find any signs of life. All I know is that it was by a port town, which is what brought me to the shackles, and to a tavern that made me slave to a band of pirates. Which is what brings me here...


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I love to draw realistic anime but my favorite type of art is music
I enjoy capturing unique perspectives on common things
my favorite colour is a deep shamrock green
My inspiration is Matt Smith from Theocracy
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